DEVELOPING OPEN DIALOGUE (DoD) has been created from a passion to find different ways of understanding mental health difficulties. Open Dialogue is a social network approach to mental health difficulties, involving family members, friends and others who are concerned. It was developed in Tornio, Western Lapland, Finland by Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues in the early 1980’s.  Click here to read more about Finnish Open Dialogue.

Family and Friends Workshop November 22nd-26th 2022

Join Val Jackson and Cathy Thorley for a 4 day residential workshop in Manchester to find out more about Open Dialogue. Priority will be given to family members who are supporting someone experiencing mental health distress. Contact Katya at Katya.vasco.od@gmail.com for more details. Hope to see you there

Highlights of the annual Peer-supported Conference held in London May 2022

Peer Supported Open Dialogue Conference 2022 Highlights

Across the globe, the majority of people who have psychotic experiences and go to mental health services are likely to end up on anti-psychotics. Open Dialogue aims to avoid long-term use of medication and hospitalisation

This website, created by Val Jackson,  shares resources and information about training courses and events about Open Dialogue around the world. If you would like to comment on the website or have information about relevant events and activities please email Val using the contact page.