Basic principles of Finnish Open Dialogue.  Click here to view

The Key Elements of Dialogic Practice in Open Dialogue’ . Mary Olson , Jaakko Seikkula and Doug Ziedonis.   keyelementsv1-109022014-2

.Open Dialogue Approach: Treatment Principles and Preliminary Results of a Two- year Follow-up on First Episode Schizophrenia Ethical and Human Sciences and Services, 2003, 5(3), 163-182. Click here to view

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Context edition 138 April 2015 The open dialogue approach

Context is a magazine produced by  AFT (Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice)  and this edition was guest edited by Alex Reed, Kevin Hawkes and myself, Val Jackson. These excellent articles are reproduced here with the permission of the authors. Members of AFT can also view it online at the AFT website.

Open Dialogues with clients with mental health problems and their families    Jaakko Seikkula  Click here to view

Open Dialogue- a family perspective.   Jen Kilyon  Click here to view

On being dialogical: An ethics of ‘attunement’.   John Shotter Click here to view

An illuminated bridge to open dialogue in the fog of life.   Ray Middleton Click here to view    Ray has also posted a video on Youtube, Better Dialogue 4 Problem Solving  in a PIE (Psychological Informed Environments).

Getting on with it: The Early Network Response trial in Leeds.  Val Jackson Click here to view

Open dialogue in Somerset? Frank Burbach, Chris Sheldrake and Estelle Rapsey Click here to view

Becoming dialogical in Nottingham.  Corrine Hendy, Diane Wright, Linda Sunderland and James Shutt.  Click here to view

Braiding hopes and intentions with people affected by intellectual disabilities and their networks of family and carers.  Glenda Fredman and Henrik Lynggaard  Click here to view

Early contact family meetings in psychiatric services.   Kevin Hawkes and Alex Reed  Click here to view

Peer -supported open dialogue.   Mark Hopfenbeck  Click here to view

Getting ‘withness’ – thinking through theatrical improvisation.  Matt Selman  Click here to view

What constitutes an open-dialogue training? Education, education, education. Nick Putman  Click here to view

Breakthrough moments: Open dialogue in the Ridiculusmus play, “The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland”  David Woods  Click here to view

Combining the use of open dialogue with narrative therapy. Hugh Fox  Click here to view

Widening the dialogue: Psychoanalysis and open dialogue. Brian Martindale  Click here to view

Mindfulness and open dialogue: A common foundation and a common practice. Russell Razzaque  Click here to view

Other useful resources

The Institute for Dialogic Practice, directed by Dr. Mary Olson, is the U.S.-based training facility for Finnish Open Dialogue and dialogical therapy. Click here to view

Nottingham Health Care Trust discussion document Click here to view

Will Hall’s useful site with lots of links Click here to view

The HeAL declaration – information about health and the impact of antipsychotics.  Click here to view


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