DEVELOPING OPEN DIALOGUE (DoD) has been created from a passion to find different ways of understanding mental health difficulties and in particular psychotic experiences. Open Dialogue is a network approach to mental health difficulties. It was developed in Tornio, Western Lapland, Finland by Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues in the early 1980’s.  Click here to read more about Finnish Open Dialogue.

Here is a video taken at one of the POD (Peer-supported Open Dialogue) annual conferences.   Families and staff talk about their experiences of Open Dialogue.

In England, most people who have psychotic experiences and go to mental health services are likely to end up on anti-psychotics. Open Dialogue aims to avoid long term use of medication and hospitalisation. This website is here to share information about Open Dialogue, training events and the implications for services in the UK. If you would like to comment on the website or have information about relevant events and activities please contact Val Jackson at valjackson555@gmail.com