Annual Peer-supported Open Dialogue conference March 22nd 2017 in London.

This years conference will be based around a series of dialogues that clinicians and clients will share with us, as they take us into a deeper understanding of what Open Dialogue is and how they are integrating it into their work and their lives. In the afternoon we will also have academics from the UK and internationally, talking about the latest research into Open Dialogue, with some announcements about its future in the NHS, and the evaluations taking place. Tickets are again on a donations basis only and early booking is advised and can be purchased at www.nhsopendialogue.com or you can follow the longer link below;  https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/2017-national-peer-supported-open-dialogue-conference-tickets-31076828631

 For more information about POD please go to The UK page.

DEVELOPING OPEN DIALOGUE (DoD) has been created from a passion to find different ways of understanding mental health difficulties and in particular psychotic experiences. Open Dialogue is a network approach to mental health difficulties. It was developed in Tornio, Western Lapland, Finland by Jaakko Seikkula and colleagues in the early 1980’s.  Click here to read more about Finnish Open Dialogue.

In England, most people who have psychotic experiences and go to mental health services are likely to end up on anti-psychotics. Open Dialogue aims to avoid long term use of medication and hospitalisation. This website is here to share information about Open Dialogue, training events and the implications for services in the UK. If you would like to comment on the website or have information about relevant events and activities please contact Val Jackson at developingopen@aol.com.